Margaret Lynn

#91, (1693 - 1773)


John Lewis b. 1678, d. 1762
Children 1.Samuel Lewis (1716 - )
 2.Thomas Lewis+ (1718 - 1790)
 3.Gen. Andrew Lewis+ (1720 - )
 4.Col. William Lewis+ (1724 - 1811)
 5.Margaret Lewis (1726 - )
 6.Anne Lewis (1728 - )
 7.Col. Charles Lewis+ (1736 - 1774)
Birth*1693She was born in 1693 at ScotlandG; Gilmer has prob. Wales.1,2 
Marriage*She married John Lewis, son of Andrew Lewis and Mary Calhoun, at IrelandG
Her married name was Lewis. 
1731She and John Lewis removed to Lancaster Co., PennsylvaniaG, in 1731 from Philadelphia.3,4 
1731She migrated from Ireland to Philadelphia to join John in 1731.5 
1732She and John Lewis lived in 1732 at Staunton, Virginia.6 
between 1729 and 1732She and John Lewis removed between 1729 and 1732 Orange County (Augusta as of 1738), Virginia.7,8 
Death*1773She died in 1773 at VirginiaG.1 


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