Col. William Lewis1

#82, (1724 - 1811)
Father*John Lewis (1678 - 1762)
Mother*Margaret Lynn (1693 - 1773)


Anne Montgomery b. s 1736, d. c 1808
Children 1.Samuel Lewis
 2.Margaret Lewis (1756 - )
 3.Capt. John Lewis+4 (1758 - 1823)
 4.Dr. Thomas Lewis (1761 - )
 5.Alexander Lewis+ (1763 - 1804)
 6.Col. William J Lewis4 (1766 - 1828)
 7.Agatha Lewis (1774 - 1843)
 8.Elizabeth Montgomery Lewis+ (1777 - 1837)
 9.Dr. Charles W Lewis (1780 - )
Morton (History of Monroe County, West Virginia) gives the children of William and Anne as: John (marr. Mary Preston), Charles, Alexander (d. <1813), Thomas, Margaret, Agatha (marr. Oliver Towles) and Elizabeth.
Peyton (History of Augusta County, Virginia) gives: Capt. John, Dr. Thomas, Alexander, Col. William J., Charles, Mrs. (Margaret?) McFarland, Mrs. Elizabeth Trent and Mrs. Agatha Towles.
W. T. Lewis (Genealogy of the Lewis Family in America) gives: Margaret (marr. James McFarland of Pittsburgh), Maj. John (marr., first, Jane S. Thomson and, second, Mary Preston, d. with issue 1823), Maj. Thomas (d. 1804), Alexander (b. 1763, marr., had issue, d. 1804), Col. William T. (b. 1766, marr. Elizabeth Cabell of Nelson Co., d. without issue 1828), Agatha (b. 1774, marr. Col. Oliver Towles of Campbell Co., d. 1843, had issue), Elizabeth (b. 1777, marr. Col. John Trent of Cumberland Co., d. 1837, had children); Dr. Charles (b. 1780, marr. Mary B. Irvine, had issue.)2,3 
He lived at Sweet Springs, Virginia.4 
Birth*1724He was born in 1724 at IrelandG
1731He removed with John Lewis and Margaret Lynn to Lancaster Co., PennsylvaniaG, in 1731 from Philadelphia.5,6 
1731He accompanied Margaret Lynn in 1731 from Ireland to Philadelphia to join John.7 
1732He lived with John Lewis and Margaret Lynn in 1732 at Staunton, Virginia.8 
Marriage*circa 1754He married Anne Montgomery, daughter of Alexander Montgomery and ____ Thomson, circa 1754. 
1755He was at the Battle of Monongahela (Fort Pitt, Braddock's Defeat) in 1755.9 
1776He began military service in 1776 as a colonel in the continental army.1 
1781He ended military service when he resigned in 1781.1 
1790He and Anne Montgomery removed in 1790 Sweet Spring in Monroe Co.1 
Death*1811He died in 1811 at Sweet Spring, Monroe Co., VirginiaG.10,1 
He was educated "by the blind preacher, the Rev. Dr. James Waddell, in eastern Virginia, and in medicine in Philadelphia, Pa."1 
"was distinguished as an Indian fighter, and was an officer in the revolutionary army."4 
Col. William Lewis was called the "Civilizer of the border."11 
He was an elder in the Presbyterian church.11 


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