Thomas Lewis

#93, (27 April 1718 - 31 January 1790)
Father*John Lewis (1678 - 1762)
Mother*Margaret Lynn (1693 - 1773)


Jane Strother
Children 1.John Lewis9 (1749 - )
 2.Margaret Ann Lewis9 (1751 - )
 3.Agatha Lewis9 (1753 - )
 4.Andrew Lewis9 (1757 - 1781)
 5.Thomas Lewis Jr9 (1760 - )
 6.Mary Lewis9 (1762 - )
 7.Elizabeth Lewis9 (1765 - )
 8.Anne Lewis9 (1767 - )
 9.Frances Lewis9 (1769 - )
 10.Sophia Lewis9 (1775 - )
 11.Benjamin Lewis9 (1778 - )
Eldest son per JLP.1 
Birth*27 April 1718He was born on 27 April 1718 at IrelandG.2,3 
1731He removed with John Lewis and Margaret Lynn to Lancaster Co., PennsylvaniaG, in 1731 from Philadelphia.4,5 
1731He accompanied Margaret Lynn in 1731 from Ireland to Philadelphia to join John.6 
1732He lived with John Lewis and Margaret Lynn in 1732 at Staunton, Virginia.7 
between 1745 and 1767He was a representative from the county of Augusta in the House of Burgesses "almost uninterruptedly" between 1745 and 1767.8,1 
1746He was appointed colonial surveyor in 1746.8 
Marriage*1749He married Jane Strother, daughter of William Strother, in 1749.9,10 
1776He was a member of the Convention which formed the Constitution of Virginia in 1776.9 
1788He was a member of the Convention which ratified the Constitution of the United States in 1788.9 
Death*31 January 1790He died on 31 January 1790 at Augusta Co., VirginiaG, at age 71.8 
Burial*3 February 1790He was buried on 3 February 1790 at Lewis Family Cemetery, Lynwood, Rockingham Co., VirginiaG; est. date.11 


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    Lewis Family Cemetery: Lynwood, Rockingham County, Virginia. In Harisonburg, from the intersection of Route 11 (South Main Street) and Route 659 (Port Republic Road), turn left (east) onto Route 659 and go 12.1 miles. Turn left onto Route 340 (East Side Hwy). Go 2.1 miles and turn left onto Lynwood Road. Go 3/10 mile on Lynwood Road to Railroad Crossing. Look down to the right and you will see cemetery on the right side of the railroad in a field.
    Notes: Cemetery is well maintained. Section 1 is a list of the names that appear on a large Obelisk stone located in the center of the plot. Section 2 is a recording of the individual headstones in the cemetery. Survey Date 11 Apr 2005.. Hereinafter cited as Harrisonburg - Rockingham Historical Society Tombstones.