Andrew Casey1

#736, (say 1792 - 10 April 1838)
RelationshipGreat-grandfather of Estelle Rose Roche
Father*____ Casey2 (s 1760 - )
Mother*____ _____2 (s 1760 - )


Ellen Walsh b. c 1800, d. 1835
Children 1.John Casey5 (c 1815 - )
 2.Mary Ann Casey+11,12 (c 1820 - 1859)
 3.Daniel Casey5 (c 1820 - 1883)
 4.Ellen Casey+13 (c 1823 - 1891)
 5.Lawrence Walsh Casey+5 (c 1825 - c 1873)
 6.Francis Casey5 (c 1826 - b 1830)
 7.Andrew Casey Jr.14 (c 1830 - )
 8.Bridget Casey15 (s 1833 - )
He was a storekeeper at Washington Co., MissouriG.3 
These two families sailed together to America, and Andrew and George are probably cousins.
1. Andrew, of Glanworth according to his grave marker, was married to Ellen (ship's register and marriage record of their daughter Mary Ann). Ellen's family name was possibly Walsh, as given in the St. Joachim Cemetery records published by Washington Co. Missouri GenWeb (presumably from Church records). This same source gives her origin as Fermay C. Ireland, i.e. Fermoy, Co. Cork, a village about 10 km southeast of Glansworth.
2. George is almost certainly George Casey, named with his wife Catherine, née Harrington, in the Andrew Casey Probate record (1895-1897) as the decedent's paternal uncle and maternal aunt; George is named as the brother of John, Andrew, Francis, Mary and Ellen Casey, and Catherine as the sister of Mary Harrington, who married, first, Murphy, and second, O'Hanlon. Vital records give the origin of John Casey, Andrew Casey and Catherine Harrington as Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, which is about 15 km northeast of Glanworth and 20 km north of Fermoy.2 
Poss. same person. Andrew (736) marr. Ellen Walsh, who d. Sep 1835. Andrew (736) d. Apr 1838. Andrew (27513) marr. Teresa Haefner Feb 1838, who then marr. John H Casey Jul 1840. Neither marr. rec. for Teresa names parents, but both marr. rec. have many of the same witnesses.2 
Birth*say 1792He was born say 1792 at Glanworth Civil Par., Co. Cork, IrelandG; (Cemetery has 1798, Fame manifest has age 34 (b. ca. 1792.)4,5,6
Marriage*say 1815He married Ellen Walsh say 1815.7 
November 1826He and Ellen Walsh migrated to New York, New York, on board the ship Fame from Liverpool, along with George and Catherine Casey in November 1826.5 
Baptism19 September 1830He witnessed the baptism of Catherine Mundy on 19 September 1830 at St. Joachim Church, Old Mines, Union Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG.8 
Death*10 April 1838He died on 10 April 1838 at Potosi, Breton Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG.9,4,6 
Burial*April 1838He was buried in April 1838 at St. Joachim Church Cemetery, Old Mines, Union Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG.6,4 
Administration18 May 1838Administration of the Estate of Andrew Casey on 18 May 1838 at Washington Co., MissouriG.10 
ChartsAncestors of Estelle Roche


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