Francis Casey1

#19637, (circa September 1826 - before 1830)
RelationshipGranduncle of Estelle Rose Roche
Father*Andrew Casey1 (s 1792 - 1838)
Mother*Ellen Walsh1 (c 1800 - 1835)
Francis appears on the manifest for the ship Fame in 1826, age 2 months, but it appears that he was not reported in the 1830 census.2 
Birth*circa September 1826He was born circa September 1826 at IrelandG.1 
November 1826He accompanied Andrew Casey and Ellen Walsh in November 1826 on board the ship Fame from Liverpool, along with George and Catherine Casey to New York, New York, age 2 mos.1 
Death*before 1830He died before 1830; (prob., see Note above.)2 


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