Mary Carroll1

#7959, (circa 1834 - 3 July 1904)


John Corbett b. c 1827, d. 1887
Children 1.James Corbett3 (1852 - )
 2.John Corbett11 (1855 - 1918)
 3.Edward Corbett3 (c 1857 - )
 4.Jerimiah Corbett12 (c 1859 - )
 5.Catherine E Corbett+13 (c 1861 - 1943)
 6.Ferdinand1 Corbett14 (1863 - )
 7.Ferdinand Corbett13 (c 1866 - 1893)
 8.Michael Corbett13 (c 1868 - )
 9.Stephen Corbett6 (c 1871 - )
Her married name was Corbett. 
At Mary Carroll's marriage, the witnesses were John Kennedy and Ellen Corbett, the sister of Mary's husband, John Corbett. It is logical to assume that Mary Carroll and John Kennedy had a family relationship. There is one such family relationship - Rosannah Carroll, b. ca, 1797, had, as her first husband, John Carroll. More research is needed.2 
Poss. siblings. Jeremiah's wife Jane was a sponsor for the bapt. of Mary's dau. Catherine.2 
Birth*circa 1834She was born circa 1834 at New BrunswickG; (1901 census has 9 Sep 1836.)3 
Marriage*4 November 1851She married John Corbett, son of James Corbett and Catherine Clancy, on 4 November 1851 at Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (prob. in Memramcook, see citation for poss. location.)4 
1861She and John Corbett appeared on the census of 1861 at Moncton City, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.3 
1881She and John Corbett appeared on the census of 1881 at Charlottetown, Queens Twp., Prince Edward IslandG.5 
1889She lived in 1889 at 378 Rideau, Ottawa, Ontario.6 
1901She appeared on the census of 1901 in the household of Catherine E Corbett and John Bambrick, mother-in-law, age 64, wid., b. NB 9 Sep 1836.7 
Death*3 July 1904She died on 3 July 1904 at Ottawa, Ontario.8 
Obituary4 July 1904Obituary for Mary Carroll was published on 4 July 1904.9 
Burial*July 1904She was buried in July 1904 at Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario.10 


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