John Corbett1

#7948, (circa 1827 - 13 April 1887)
Father*James Corbett1 (s 1804 - )
Mother*Catherine Clancy1 (c 1805 - )


Mary Carroll b. c 1834, d. 1904
Children 1.James Corbett3 (1852 - )
 2.John Corbett10 (1855 - 1918)
 3.Edward Corbett3 (c 1857 - )
 4.Jerimiah Corbett11 (c 1859 - )
 5.Catherine E Corbett+12 (c 1861 - 1943)
 6.Ferdinand1 Corbett13 (1863 - )
 7.Ferdinand Corbett12 (c 1866 - 1893)
 8.Michael Corbett12 (c 1868 - )
 9.Stephen Corbett14 (c 1871 - )
He was a stone mason and, later, an architect. 
John Corbett, "born in Ireland and trained as a mason, and he later emigrated to New Brunswick before 1860 where he first resided in Memramcook, N.B. before moving to Charlottetown, P.E.I. in 1866. He became the favoured architect of the Roman Catholic bishop there who, in 1875, presented him with a gold watch engraved with the inscription 'Presented to John Corbett, Architect, by the Bishop of Charlottetown, as a token of gratitude for his honesty, devotedness and ability in superintending the building of schools, churches and the Episcopal Residence in the Diocese of Charlottetown' (Examiner [Charlottetown], 20 Dec. 1875, 3). He employed a 'pure Gothic' style for his ecclesiastical work, but his public buildings in Prince Edward Island are distinctly his own work, executed in brick or heavy stone masonry in simple rectangular forms with boldly expressed round-arched windows and stone band coursing in a reserved Romanesque Revival style. In 1880 he moved to Ottawa after receiving the appointment of superintendent of lighthouse construction in the Marine Department. Corbett died in Ottawa on 13 April 1887." Thank you to the Biographical Dictionary of the Architects of Canada.2 
Birth*circa 1827He was born circa 1827 at IrelandG.3 
November 1833He accompanied Catherine Clancy and James Corbett in November 1833 to New BrunswickG.1 
1851He appeared on the census of 1851 in the household of Catherine Clancy at Moncton, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (neis. Mary Kennedy; Richard Delahunt; Patrick Hennessey; Florence Donovan; Mary Carroll, age 50, wid.)1 
Marriage*4 November 1851He married Mary Carroll on 4 November 1851 at Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (prob. in Memramcook, see citation for poss. location.)4 
Marriage8 February 1853He witnessed the marriage of Thomas Riely and Johannah Corbett on 8 February 1853 at Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.5 
1861He and Mary Carroll appeared on the census of 1861 at Moncton City, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.3 
1881He and Mary Carroll appeared on the census of 1881 at Charlottetown, Queens Twp., Prince Edward IslandG.6 
Death*13 April 1887He died on 13 April 1887 at Ottawa, Ontario.7 
Burial Rites*15 April 1887Burial rites for John Corbett were performed on 15 April 1887 at Church of St. Joseph, Ottawa, Ontario.8 
Burial15 April 1887He was buried on 15 April 1887 at Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario.9 


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