Julia Glaven1

#6857, (circa 1837 - 21 January 1909)
Father*John Glaven1 (1805 - 1873)
Mother*Margaret Kelleher1 (1805 - )


John Stephen Kaneen b. 1829, d. 1915
Children 1.Shelton Crosswith Kaneen+11 (1858 - 1928)
 2.Percival Kenross Kaneen12 (c 1859 - 1924)
 3.Julia Ann Kaneen+12 (c 1861 - 1910)
 4.Nellie Kaneen12 (c 1864 - )
 5.Charles S Kaneen+12 (c 1867 - 1943)
 6.Maud Stella Kaneen13 (1871 - 1946)
 7.Margaret Kaneen12 (c 1872 - 1958)
 8.William Kaneen11 (1873 - 1904)
 9.Edward Sylvester Kaneen+14 (1878 - )
 10.Pattie M Kaneen11 (1880 - )
That Julia Glaven, daughter of John and Margaret, is the same Julia Glaven who married John S Kaneen, is speculative but probable. Julia appears in the 1850 census in St. Louis, Missouri, with her parents and siblings. By 1860, most of her family was in California. Her father John, now prob. a widower, lived in Sierra County with son Daniel. Julia's sister Ellen had married, in St. Louis in 1854, Michael Lawler. Ellen and Michael were also in Sierra County, nearby to John and Daniel. Another sister, Margaret, married about 1858 Frank P Swift. Margaret and Frank were living in Sacramento, California, in 1860. The news report of Frank's death in Sacramento in 1893 says that he came to Sacramento from Massachusetts in 1850, so the marriage was likely in California. Finally, the youngest sibling, Andrew, was living in Sierra County in 1870 with his brother Daniel. The father, John, was in 1870 living in Sacramento with Margaret and Frank. There were two other children of John and Margaret. The eldest, Mary, married, in 1843, John Roche, and removed to Illinois before 1860; a son Dennis died in St. Louis in 1849. The conclusion is that Julia also removed to California at or about the same time as the rest of the family.
John S Kaneen married Julia A Glaven about 1857 (1900 census, married 43 years). Her family name was Glavin, as reported in her son Edward's Social Security records and her daughter Maud's death record. Julia A Kaneen was born in Pennsylvania (census records), as was Julia Glaven. Both were born about 1837, consistent in all census records (actually May 1837 as recorded in 1900).
John S Kaneen was born in New York and his parents were born on the Isle of Man. He and Julia are in Sacramento in the 1860 census, being family number 2402 in the 4th Ward of the city, the same ward as Frank and Margaret Swift, who were enumerated as family 2311. No census record for 1850 for John S Kaneen has been found. There is a John A Kaneen, resident of Black Rock, New York, who enlisted in the U.S. Army on 12 Jan 1850. Interestingly, Black Rock, in Erie County and now a neighborhood of the city of Buffalo, had several Kaneen families around this time, and three of them were headed by a native of the Isle of Man. (The enlistee John S Kaneen, who enlisted in Baltimore, was reported as a deserter in August 1850).
So, there are many positive clues, and no contradictory facts. Since there is unlikely to be a marriage record, we can only presume that Julia Glaven, daughter of John and Maragret, married John S Kaneen.2 
Her married name was Kaneen.3 
Birth*circa 1837She was born circa 1837 at PennsylvaniaG.1 
1840She appeared on the census of 1840 in the household of John Glaven and Margaret Kelleher at Ward 4, St. Louis, Missouri.4 
19 September 1850She appeared on the census of 19 September 1850 in the household of John Roche and Mary Glaven at St. Louis, Missouri, as Glavin, age 13, b. PA.5 
Marriage*circa 1857She married John Stephen Kaneen circa 1857 at Missouri or CaliforniaG.3 
13 August 1860She and John Stephen Kaneen appeared on the census of 13 August 1860 at 4th Ward, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CaliforniaG.6 
20 September 1870She and John Stephen Kaneen appeared on the census of 20 September 1870 at Virginia City, Storey Co., NevadaG.7 
1 June 1880She and John Stephen Kaneen appeared on the census of 1 June 1880 at M Street, Virginia City, Storey Co., NevadaG.8 
4 June 1900She and John Stephen Kaneen appeared on the census of 4 June 1900 at San Rafael Twp., Marin Co., CaliforniaG.9 
Death*21 January 1909She died on 21 January 1909 at San Rafael, Marin Co., CaliforniaG.10 


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