Edward Ward1

#4322, (circa 1574 - before 7 March 1620/21)
Relationship9th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*Henry Ward2 (c 1516 - )
Mother*Margaret Uggs2 (c 1545 - )


Judith _____ b. s 1565, d. a 1626
Children 1.Thomas Ward1 (s 1586 - )
 2.Susan Ward1 (s 1590 - c 1627)
 3.Lydia Ward+1 (1596 - b 1626)
 4.Nathaniel Ward1 (c 1598 - c 1664)
 5.Mary Ward+1 (c 1598 - c 1663/64)
 6.Edward Ward1 (c 1600 - 1646)
 7.Rebecca Ward+1 (c 1610 - 1678)
Birth order of children uncertain, dates are approx.3 
Birth*circa 1574He was born circa 1574 at EnglandG.1 
Marriage*say 1585He married Judith _____ say 1585 at EnglandG.3 
9 January 1620/21He left a will on 9 January 1620/21 at Little Wratting, Suffolk, EnglandG.4 
Death*before 7 March 1620/21He died before 7 March 1620/21 at Little Wratting, Suffolk, EnglandG.4 
Probate*7 March 1620/21His estate was probated on 7 March 1620/21 at EnglandG.5 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    To my wife Judeth my house, orchard and garden, with the skepps of bees therein, during her natural life, so as she shall leave one upper chamber, furnished for mine executor, who soever he be, viz. one bed and all things thereunto belonging, called Joseph's chamber. To my son Nathaniel Warde forty pounds and my best riding cloak. To my son Leonard ( ?) fifty pounds and my best cloak, when his apprenticeship shall come forth. To Lydia, my daughter, thirty pounds. To Mary, my daughter, twenty pounds. To Rebecca Warde, my daughter, forty pounds. To Susan, my daughter, ten pounds. Son Thomas Ward to be sole executor. To son Edward Ward after his time shall come forth &c.
    Consistory Ct Norwich. Bk Williams 60.
    (Mem. Perhaps for "Leonard," above, we should read Edward. — H. F. W.)
    [Edward "Warde, the testator, was I presume the brother of Rev. John Ward of Haverhill, named by him in his will, which is printed in full in my memoir of N. Ward, pp. 130-1. See Muskett's Candler's pedigree in the Register, vol. 41, p. 284. The will of his daughter Susan, widow of Robert Brown, follows this. — Editor.]"
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    John's wife, Elizabeth Browne, was a niece of Nathaniel Ward, an original settler of Hartford, CT. Nathaniel Ward was the son of Edward Ward of Little Wrathing, Suffolk Co., England. On 9 Jan 1620, Edward made his will, proved at Ipswich 7 Mar 1620. He provided for his wife Judith and his children Nathaniel, Edward, Lydia, Mary, Rebecca and Susan.

    Susan Browne, widow of Robert Browne of Ipswich, made her will 22 Mar 1626, proved 24 April 1627. She remembered her mother Judith and both of her sisters, Rebecca Ward and Mary Cutting, as well as "Elizabeth Browne, daughter of my brother-in-law William Browne." As Lydia Ward was the fourth sister, it was she who married William Browne and their daughter Elizabeth was the niece of Nathaniel Ward (of Hartford). Elizabeth Browne married John Hawks in about 1642.

    John & Elizabeth's children were all born in Windsor. At a meeting held at Nathaniel Ward's house in Hartford, 18 Apr 1659, John was among those present who signed the agreement to remove from Connecticut to Massachusetts. They moved to Hadley, MA around 1660. John died suddenly and was buried 30 June 1662 in the Hadley Cemetery. Elizabeth married 2) Robert Hinsdale as his second wife about 1668.