Agnes Gainsford1

Relationship14th great-grandmother of William David Lewis
Father*John Gainsford IV1 ( - 1460)
Mother*Anne Wakehurst

Family 2

Sir John Colepeper b. c 1420, d. 1480
Children 1.Isabel Culpepper+1 ( - bt 1490 - 1491)
 2.Alexander Colepeper3
 3.Walter Colepeper3
 4.Joyce Colepeper3
Her married name was Wakehurst.2 
Her married name was Colepeper.1 
Marriage*before 1455She married Richard Wakehurst Jr, son of Richard Wakehurst and Elizabeth Etchingham, before 1455 at EnglandG; her first.2 
Marriage*before 1460She married Sir John Colepeper, son of Walter Colepeper and Agnes Roper, before 1460; her second.1 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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