Agnes Roper1

#2976, (before 1410 - )
Relationship15th great-grandmother of William David Lewis
Father*Edmund Roper2

Family 1

John Bedgebury Jr d. 1424

Family 2

Walter Colepeper b. c 1398, d. 1462
Children 1.Margaret Colepeper3
 2.Elizabeth Colepeper3
 3.Richard Colepeper3 ( - 1516)
 4.Nicholas Colepeper3 ( - 1510)
 5.Sir John Colepeper+1 (c 1420 - 1480)
Her married name was Bedgebury.1 
Marriage*She married John Bedgebury Jr, son of John Bedgebury.1 
Birth*before 1410She was born before 1410.1 
1410See citation for info on whether Edmund was the father or the brother of Agnes (and that Rodolphus (Ralph) may have been he father. in 1410. 
Marriage*between 1424 and 1429She married Walter Colepeper, son of Sir Thomas Colepeper and Widow Joyce Vyne, between 1424 and 1429.1 
between 1424 and 1429 As of between 1424 and 1429,her married name was Colepeper.1 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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