St-Timothée Church, Shemogue, Botsford, Westmorland Co., New Brunswick

St-Timothée Church
27 Allée de l’église
Shemogue, N.-B. E4N 0B4

Established around 1804. First church: 1806. First priest: 1916

As early as 1754, Acadians were living in Chimougoui and would be deported in1755.
Around 1804, 16 settlers from Menoudie came to settle again in Grand-Chimougoui. The colonists were mostly occupied with cultivating the new lands for their own survival. A first chapel was built between 1806 and 1810. It was then transported to a site closer to the sea. It was destroyed by fire in 1826. After this disaster, people of the region were without a church for over 75 years.
Construction of a new church began in 1903. This mission was served by priests from Cap-Pelé.