Jane Ford1

#9311, (29 January 1736 - 22 November 1794)
Relationship3rd cousin 6 times removed of William David Lewis
Father*Col. Jacob Ford2,3 (1704 - 1777)
Mother*Hannah Baldwin2 (1701 - 1777)


Capt. Moses Tuttle b. 1732, d. 1819
Children 1.Mary Tuttle+1 (1757 - 1840)
 2.Hannah F Tuttle4 (1759 - 1849)
 3.Ziba Tuttle13 (1761 - 1764)
 4.Simeon Tuttle4 (c 1764 - )
 5.Jane Tuttle14 (1766 - 1831)
 6.Moses Tuttle Jr.15 (1769 - 1769)
Her married name was Tuttle.1 
"Moses was a justice of the Peace and a land and mine owner. He removed in 1756 to Mt. Pleasant, thirteen miles west of Rockaway, N. J., and managed his father-in-law's iron works. He fled to Kentucky for two years "to escape his too willing debtors," when the New Jersey legislature made worthless bills of credit legal tender. Both Moses and his wife are buried in the Presbyterian churchyard, Rockaway."4 
Birth*29 January 1736She was born on 29 January 1736.5,6 
Marriage*15 December 1756She married Capt. Moses Tuttle, son of Joseph Tuttle and Abigail Ogden, on 15 December 1756 at Morristown, New Jersey; poss. 5 Dec 1756.1,5,7 
15 January 1777In Col. Jacob Ford's will dated 15 January 1777 at New Jersey, Jane Ford was named as an heir, as Jane Tuttle, one-sixth part.8 
circa 1781She and Capt. Moses Tuttle removed to Jefferson Co., KentuckyG, circa 1781.9,10 
Death*22 November 1794She died on 22 November 1794 at New JerseyG at age 58.4,11 
Burial*circa 25 November 1794She was buried circa 25 November 1794 at Presbyterian Church, Rockaway, Morris Co., New JerseyG.12 


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