Thomas Felde Jr.1

#7823, ( - circa 1429)
Relationship13th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*Thomas Felde2 (c 1330 - a 1384)
Mother*Annabelle _____2


Isabel _____
Children 1.Robert Felde1
 2.William Field+1 ( - 1480)
He is numbered 13 in Field Genealogy.1 
Thomas Felde Jr. was also known as del Felde.1 
Marriage*He married Isabel _____ at EnglandG.1 
Death*circa 1429He died circa 1429 at EnglandG.1 
12 March 1429He left a will on 12 March 1429 at EnglandG; ' "Thomas del Felde de Bolton" made his will, leaving to his wife, Isabel, all his lands and tenants ' 'in villa and tertory de Bynglay" for life, remainder to his heirs. After the death of "Anabelle my mother" his son Robert is to have his lands "in villa and tertory of Bradford," and if Robert die without issue, remainder to William, his brother.1
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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