Frances Albright1,2

#7484, (say 1600 - circa March 1678)
Father*Richard Albright3 (s 1565 - c 1613/14)
Mother*____ _____4 (s 1572 - c 1623/24)

Family 1

Thomas Wells b. s 1598, d. a 1637
Children 1.Thomas Wells+ (c 1620 - 1676)
 2.Mary Wells2 (1626 - 1700)
 3.John Wells+2 (s 1635 - 1692)

Family 2

Thomas Coleman d. 1674
Child 1.Deborah Coleman10 (s 1640 - 1703)
Is the only child for whom the baptism record is not found. Her older siblings were baptized at Welford-on-Avon, the younger at Alcester.5 
TAG 28, "Widow Frances Wells and Hugh Wells of Wethersfield," argues (convincingly) that there is no evidence "that the alleged Hugh Sr. was husband of the Widow Frances Wells; or that the said Frances was mother of Ensign Hugh Wells." This contradicts much of the widely used history. This theory was all but proved in The Widow Frances (Albright) Wells in NEHGR 146:28-34 (1992). Still, the birth and marriage records have not been found.6 
Her married name was Wells.2 
Her married name was Coleman.7 
"To date, neither the marriage of Thomas and Frances Wells nor the
baptisms of their three known children have been located. At the time
of their marriage, they lived probably somewhere in the general vicinity
of Alcester, Warwickshire, where Frances's widowed mother was living.
Sometime before 1637, they moved to Evesham, in Worcestershire,
where Thomas was a weaver."8 
Birth*say 1600She was born say 1600 at EnglandG
Marriage*circa 1625She married Thomas Wells, son of ____ Wells and ____ _____, circa 1625 at EnglandG.1,2 
Marriage*before 6 March 1638She married Thomas Coleman before 6 March 1638.9,7,10 
1639She and Thomas Coleman migrated to New EnglandG, "settling first in Wethersfield, Connecticut" in 1639.11 
1660She and Thomas Coleman removed in 1660.12,13 
Death*circa March 1678She died circa March 1678 at Hadley, Massachusetts.14 


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