Daniel Casey1

#6837, (circa 1820 - )
Relationship2nd cousin 2 times removed of Estelle Rose Roche
Father*George Casey1 (c 1786 - 1853)
Mother*Catharine Harrington1 (c 1796 - 1870)


Josephine Portell b. c 1825, d. 1858
Child 1.Cornelia Casey9 (c 1847 - )
Birth*circa 1820He was born circa 1820 at IrelandG.1 
November 1826He, age 6, accompanied George Casey and Catharine Harrington in November 1826 on the Ship Fame from Liverpool, along with Andrew and Ellen Casey with their children and two others to New York, New York.1 
1830He appeared on the census of 1830 in the household of George Casey and Catharine Harrington at Potosi, Breton Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG.2 
1830He appeared on the census of 1830 in the household of George Casey and Catharine Harrington at Breton Twp. (as Britton), Washington Co., MissouriG; (neis. Alexander Mondy; P Monday.)3 
1840He appeared on the census of 1840 in the household of George Casey and Catharine Harrington at Mine au Breton, Washington Co., MissouriG; (neis. John H Casey, with M (50-59) and F (50-59); Daniel Obryan; Francis Casey; Bernard Munday; Eugene O'Mara; Felix Munday.)4 
Baptism31 May 1845He sponsored the baptism of George Walter Casey on 31 May 1845.5 
Marriage*17 February 1846He married Josephine Portell on 17 February 1846 at St. Joachim Church, Old Mines / Cadet, Union Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG.6 
Marriage12 August 1847He witnessed the marriage of Martha Anna Davidson and John Flynn on 12 August 1847.7 
24 July 1870He and Cornelia Casey appeared on the census of 24 July 1870 at Caledonia P.O., Union Twp., Washington Co., MissouriG.8 


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  8. [S18] 1870 U.S. Federal Census. Daniel (50), b. Ireland, blacksmith, real estate value $200, personal estate $300; Cornelia (22), b. MO, keeps house; relationship not stated.
  9. [S520] VWH, Daniel and Josephine marr. in 1846, Cornelia was b. about 1847. No census record for any of these three found in 1850. Josephine d. 1858 and was bur. at St. Joachim's. Cornelia is in the household of Daniel's mother, Catherine, in 1860 (no 1860 census record for Daniel has been found). Daniel and Cornelia are in the same household in 1870, but no further record of either has been found.