Ambrose Campbell1,2



Rhoda Chittum b. s 1794
Marriage*1817He married Rhoda Chittum, daughter of John Chittum and Nancy Sly, in 1817 at Rockbridge Co., VirginiaG.2,1 


  1. [S694] Nathaniel Chittum Buried ...For The Second Time: Relatives Celebrate The Life Of Their Ancestor, Rockbridge Weekly, Rockbridge Co., Virginia, April 2000, transcription online, Nathaniel Chittum Buried ...For The Second Time: Relatives Celebrate The Life Of Their Ancestor

    Nathaniel "Nathan" Chittum's children:

    * Mary Ann "Chittum" Slack

    * John Pleasant Chittum

    * Eliza Jane Chittum Nicely

    * William Wesley Chittum

    * Amanda Frances "Chittum" Rowsey

    * James Fletcher Chittum

    * Matilda Sly "Chittum" Howerton

    * Nancy C. Chittum

    * Nathaniel Anderson Chittum

    * Henry Jefferson Chittum

    * George Washington Chittum

    * Sarah Elizabeth Chittum

    * Lemuel Preston Chittum

    * * *

    4 Brothers:

    * William Chittum (no birth date)

    * James Chittum (1778- )

    * Zachariah R. Chittum (1795-1846)

    * Hezekiah Chittum (1796- )

    4 Sisters:

    * Elizabeth Chittum Moss

    * Christine Chittum Hicks

    * Rhoda Chittum Campbell (ca 1794- )

    * Mary Chittum Green ( - 1846)


    * John Chittum (ca 1775- from England)


    * Nancy Sly (England)

    Relatives of "Nathan" present at the re-burial ceremony:

    The children of Emmett Newton Chittum (great grandson, deceased): Rayburn Odel Chittum and his daughters, Barbara Louise Poff and Marjorie (Margie) Sue Huie.

    The children of Russell Lowell Chittum (great grandson, deceased): Doris Chittum Nicely; Retha Wandalee Scialoia.

    The children of Clyde Bunyan Chittum (great grandson, deceased): Clyde Keith Chittum and Paul Curtis Chittum, Sr.

    The son of Ivy Stella Chittum Muterspaw (great granddaughter, deceased): Clarence Leon Muterspaw.

    The son of Eldon Menzo Chittum (great grandson, deceased): Thomas "Tommy" Howard Chittum.

    The children of Celia Katherine Chittum Knick (great granddaughter, deceased): Frances Knick Tolley; Mary Knick Brogan; Elise May Knick Tolley. grandchildren of Celia Katherine Chittum Knick: Larry Wayne Knick, Sr.; James Edwin Knick; Diana Marie Knick Hills; Judy Ann Sheets; Celia Jane Smith; great grandchildren of Celia Katherine Chittum Knick: Larry Wayne Knick, Jr.; Casey Knick Goodbar; Bryan Smith; and Jennifer M. Tarris; great great children Celia Katherine Chittum Knick: Grace Knick Goodbar, Jessica Knick Goodbar.

    The children of Harvey F. Chittum, Sr. (great grandson, deceased): Margery Chittum Myers; Maxine J. Chittum and Harvey F. Chittum, Jr.; grandchild of Harvey F. Chittum, Sr.: Karen Jane LaFon; great grandchild of Harvey F. Chittum, Sr. Christina LaFon;

    The son of Otho Graham Nicely (great grandson, deceased): Calvin Haven Nicely.

    The daughter of James Lewis Estes Chittum (grandson, deceased): Dorothy Chittum Delmar.

    If any reader is in possession of this kind of information or other related data on Nathaniel "Nathan" Chittum, please contact Mr. Harvey Franklin Chittum, Jr. of Denmark (Kerrs Creek), Rockbridge.
  2. [S699] Oren F. Morton, History of Rockbridge County Virginia (Staunton, Virginia: The McClure Co., 1920), p. 476; Ambrose Campbell m. Rhoda Chittum, 1817.