Mattys Cornelis Slegt1

#6539, (say 1657 - )
Relationship6th great-grandfather of Nelle Belle Bridges
Father*Cornelis Barentsen Slegt1 (s 1622 - )
Mother*Tryntje Bos1 (c 1624 - b 1684)


Marya Magdaleen Crispell b. 1662
Children 1.Maria Magdalena Slegt4 (c 1681 - )
 2.Tryntjen Slegt+1 (c 1684 - )
 3.Mathys Slegt Jr+4 (c 1686 - )
 4.Cornelis1 Slegt4 (c 1688 - b 1697)
 5.Antony Slegt4 (c 1690 - )
 6.Jan Slegt+4 (c 1694 - )
 7.Cornelis Slegt2 (c 1697 - )
 8.Petrus Slegt2 (c 1701 - )
 9.Hendericus Slegt4 (c 1706 - )
Birth*say 1657He was born say 1657.2 
17 August 1676In Cornelis Barentsen Slegt's will dated 17 August 1676, Mattys Cornelis Slegt was named as an heir.3
Marriage*circa 1680He married Marya Magdaleen Crispell, daughter of Antoine Crispell and Marie Blanchan, circa 1680 at Ulster Co., New YorkG.1,4 
Baptism19 January 1685He sponsored the baptism of Willem Elting on 19 January 1685 at Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., New YorkG.5 
ChartsAncestors of Nelle Belle Bridges


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    On July 23, 1664-7 [sic], Cornelius Barentsen Slecht had a deed of confirmation from Gov. Nicholls of 40-50 acres of land at Esopus (N. Y. Land Papers, I., p. 23) - Cornelis Barentsen (Borensen) "convicted upon oath and affirmance for taking of arms in a riotous and illegal manner upon the 16th of Febr., 1666, to awe, terify and supress his Majesty's English Garrison established at Esopus" "deserves to be put to death" but the Governor sentences him "to be banished for three years, giving him liberty to sell his estate at the Esopus."
    a. Petronella m., Aug. 16; 1679, Jochem Hendrick Schoonmaker, oldest s. of the above Hendrick Jochemsen Schoonmaker (see Jochem Schoonmaker's will).
    b. Jacomyntie m. 1., Apr. 29, 1663, Jan Barentsen Kunst (when she is called Jakemyntje Cornelis) and had a. Jannetje, bt. Febr. 24, 1664, b. Barent, bt. Jan. 30, 1667; m. 2., after Oct. 27, 1668, Gerrit Focken, of Ritsen, East Friesland, and had c. Hillitje, who m. Gerrit, s. of Cornelius Wynkoop and Maria Janse Langedyk (q. v.); m. 3., 1677, Jan Eltynge (Elting Roelofsen, q. v.) (*See Elting Roelofsen for Jacomyntie's children, and their marriages.), [and had] d. Jacomyntje, m. Henry Pawling; e. Tryntje, m. Solomon Du Bois
    c. Annetje, m. Cornelis Hoogeboom (q. v.).
    d. Mattys Cornelis Sleght m. Marya Maddeleen Crupel (Crispel), and had issue: a.Maria Maddelen, bt. Aug. 28, 1681; b. Tryntie, bt. Jan. 27, 1684, m, March 5, 1703, Matthys Mattysen, Jr.; c. Antoni, bt. May 25, 1690, m. Nov. 1, 1715, Neeltje Boogaard; d. Jan, bt. Nov. i, 1694, m. Aug. 6, 1716. Elizabeth Smedes; e. Cornelis, bt. Oct. 10, 1697; f. Petrus, bt. Sept. 21, 1701; g. Hendricus, bt. Dec. 22, 1706, m. Jan. 3, 1736, Zara Kierstede).
    Source: Ulster County Probate Records I:32-33 notes to " BARENTSEN, TRYNTIE, wife of Cornelius Barentsen. Testamentary disposition, dated Aug. 17 (year not mentioned), and written in Dutch." Note inserted "Baptism and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church at Kingston (Hoes 1891) show that at time of marriage (p. 507, No. 70) of Cornelis Barentz Slegt, widower of Tryntie Bos. and Elsie Jans, she was widow of Hendric Jochemz (Hendrick Jochemsen Schoonmaker no doubt) and not the widow of Adrien Peterson (Van Alcmaer) as stated at bottom of p. 33. It would seem that the footnote to p. 114, Vol. 2 is correct and that Elsie Jans m, (1) Adriaen Petersen (Van Alcmaer), (2) Jochem Hendricksen Schoonmaker, and (3) (as his third second wife) Cornells Barentsen Slecht or Slegt. See also Baptismal records in above which show that children of Hendrick Jochemsen and Elsje or Elsjen Jans were baptised as follows (in addition perhaps to others) : Hendrick and Volkert 17 May 1665 (Jan Jansen Van Breestee was a witness); Engeltjen 18 Mar 1663; Hilletie 30 Oct 1669. Therefore, if she m. Cornelis Barentsen Slecht after 36 Sep 1584 she could not have m. Hendrick Jochemsen (Schoonmaker) as his 3rd wife and had the above children by him in the 1660's. D.S.P.
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    Testamentary disposition, dated Aug. 17 (year not mentioned), and written in Dutch [date est. on prior and subsequent documents- VWH]
    "Cornells Barentsen, her husband, co-testator" and herself "desire that the whole estate" "shall be inherited by the survivor" and at their deaths by "the children: Jacomeyntie, Hendrick, Annette, Mattys, and Petronella. "If any of the testators should re-marry, one half of the property is to be divided immediately among the children.— "A linen-chest made by Jan Jansen, which Petronella has, is above her portion (Een Kasse gamaakt door Jan Jansen" "voor linen kasse date Petronella voor uyt heeft boven haar portie").
    Wessel Ten Broeck Signed Cornelis Barentse Slecht
    Jan Heyndericksz by me Tryntye Tysen Bosch.
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