Alice Phillips1

#5131, (circa 1632 - )
Relationship7th great-grandaunt of William David Lewis
Father*Deacon Nicholas Phillips1 (1611 - )
Mother*Elizabeth Jewson1 (c 1613 - )


John Shaw b. b 1630, d. 1704
Children 1.Nicholas Shaw6 (1652 - )
 2.John Shaw Jr.6 (c 1653 - )
 3.Joseph Shaw6 (1654 - )
 4.Elizabeth Shaw6 (1655/56 - )
 5.Abraham Shaw6 (1657 - )
 6.Mary Shaw6 (1659/60 - )
 7.Alice Shaw6 (1666 - )
 8.Hannah Shaw6 (1668 - )
 9.Benjamin Shaw6 (1670 - )
 10.Abigail Shaw6 (1672 - )
 11.Ebenezer Shaw6 (1674 - )
Her married name was Shaw.2 
Birth*circa 1632She was born circa 1632 at Wendover, Buckinghamshire, EnglandG.1,2 
before 18 August 1636She accompanied Deacon Nicholas Phillips and Elizabeth Jewson before 18 August 1636 from England to Dedham, Norfolk Co., MassachusettsG.3 
circa 1640She removed with Deacon Nicholas Phillips and Elizabeth Jewson circa 1640 Weymouth. 
Marriage*circa 1653She married John Shaw, son of Abraham Shaw and Bridget Best, circa 1653 at MassachusettsG.2 
2 June 1671In Deacon Nicholas Phillips's will dated 2 June 1671 at Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MassachusettsG, Alice Phillips was named as an heir "Alice Shaw."4,5 


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    +22 i. John Shaw.
    +23 ii. Elizabeth Shaw.
    24 iii. Abraham Shaw was born on 10 October 1657 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA. He died on 11 March 1756 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA.
    25 iv. Mary Shaw was born on 24 March 1660 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA.
    +26 v. Nicholas Shaw.
    +27 vi. Joseph Shaw.
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    +29 viii. Hannah Shaw.
    +30 ix. Benjamin Shaw.
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    [Nicholas Phillips mentions Alice as his eldest daughter because his little daughter Elizabeth, who was actually his eldest daughter, was deceased prior to the family coming to America; Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas is not named in his will. She preceded him in death.]
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