Helen Stinchcomb1

#4497, (circa 1702 - after May 1784)
Relationship5th great-grandaunt of Nelle Belle Bridges
Father*Nathaniel Stinchcomb Jr.1 (c 1671 - b 1710)
Mother*Hannah Randall1 (c 1678 - )


Henry Owings b. c 1692, d. c 1764
Children 1.Elijah Owings5 (c 1719 - )
 2.Bezaleel Owings5 (c 1721 - )
 3.Michael Owings5 (c 1723 - 1787)
 4.Leah Owings5 (c 1727 - )
 5.Henry Owings Jr.5 (c 1729 - )
 6.Nathaniel Owings5 (c 1731 - )
Her married name was Owings.2,3 
Birth*circa 1702She was born circa 1702.1 
Marriage*say 1720She married Henry Owings, son of Richard Owings and Rachel Robert, say 1720 at Anne Arundel Co., MarylandG; (Baltimore County Families has ca. 1718.2,3 
Death*after May 1784She died after May 1784 at MarylandG.3 
Parentage of Helen Stinchcomb: A bit of background information the Owings men who married Stinchcomb women. Some of these source materials are "verbatem" from Donnell McClure Owings notes, some from my research, and from MD and genealogical societies Archives, some from other researchers, John Hoff,Bill Brasington, Brad Veeking, and Addison Owings book. All is public knowledge and can be obtained from Bil Brasington on CD, or John Hoff III. In turn, I ( RV) got this information directly from http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~stinchcomb/
The Parentage of Helen Stinchcomb, wife of Henry Owings of “Long Acre” by Prof. Donnell MacClure Owings - 18 May 1962.
3. It is certain that the wife of Henry Owings was a Helen Owings. She appears by this name as his wife in his deed of 21 March 1729/30 and in his will dated 20 June 1760. She is named as a mother in the will of Henry’s daughter Michal Owings, dated 20 May 1784. (See Owings Part II page 7.)
4. It is evident that Helen Stinchcomb and Helen Owings were the same person. (a) The name Helen was, perhaps surprisingly, most unusual in Maryland at this time, and these two Helens fit together neatly. They must have been of about the same age, grew up in the same small neighborhood, and were of the same social station. (Helen Stinchcomb’s father and Helen Owing’s father-in-law were both captains of militia.) (b) The name Nathaniel was a rather uncommon one, but Helen Stinchcomb had a father and a brother and Helen Owings a son of this name. (c) There are eleven demonstrable contacts between Henry and Helen Owings and their children on the one hand and the kindred of Helen Stinchcomb on the other hand. These contacts go on consistently over a period of almost sixty years, and they involve all brances of Helen Stinchcomb’s numerous kindred: Stinchcombs, Newsoms (through John and Helen Bailey), Teals, Randalls, and Normans (through Amon Butler). It is difficult to attribute such a pattern of contacts to coincidence, propinquity, or friendship. It points rather to kinship. But in the light of what we know of the parties and their connections (cf. Stinchcomb Part II), we are warranted in concluding that such kinship could exist only if Helen Stinchcomb and Helen Owings were the same person. A list of the demonstrable contacts follows.
1720, May 5. Edward Teall (Helen Stinchcomb’s stepfather), in his will, desires that, if his wife should die while his children are minors, his loving friend Henry Owings look after them and their property.
1720/1, January 27. An inventory of the estate of this Edward Teall is signed as creditors by Henry Owings and (Henry’s brother-in-law) Edward Norwood.
1725/6, February 11. A deed by (Henry’s mother) Rachel Owings, conveying livestock to her grandchildren (Henry’s children) Mica (Michal), Elijah, and Bezaleel Owings, is witnessed by (Helen Stinchcomb’s sister?) Anna Galloway, (Henry’s brother) Joshua Owings, and (Helen Stinchcomb’s brother) Nathaniel Stinchcomb.
1726, September 19 and later dates. Bond, mortgage, and release in which the parties are Henry Owings and (Helen Stinchcomb’s uncle) Christopher Randall.
1729/30, March 21. A deed by Henry Owings and Helen his wife to William Hammond is witnessed by John Moale and (Helen Stinchcomb’s uncle) Christopher Randall.
1750/1, February 28. A deed by (Helen Stinchcomb’s half brother) Emanuel Teal to James Barton is witnessed by John Ridgely and (Henry Owing’s second son) Bezaleel Owings.
1757, about. Marriage of (Henry Owings’s eldest son) Elijah Owings to (Helen Stinchcomb’s niece) Hannah Stinchcomb, daughter of (Helen’s brother) John Stinchcomb.
1760, March 31. Joint deposition of Henry Owings and (Helen Stinchcomb’s half brother) Emanual Teal about the bonds (bounds?) of a tract called “Land of Goshen.”
1762, February 8. Will of (Henry Owings’s brother) John Owings, witnessed by Henry Owings, (Henry’s son) Henry Owings, Jr., and (Helen Stinchcomb’s nephew-in-law, the husband of her niece Helen Newsom) John Bailey.
1764, February 25. Bond of Helen Owings and Bezaleel Owings (widow and second son of Henry Owings), as executors of the estate of Henry Owings, with (Henry’s nephew) Edward Norwood and (Helen Stinchcomb’s half brother) Emanuel Teal as sureties.”
**B.3 : Henry Owings, second son of Richard and Rachel, was born in Anne Arundell Co, MD in 1690, Carpenter, Planter, died possibly at his residence on “Long Acre” ,106 acres which he purchased May 15, 1731 from his older brother Richard 2, part of lands inherited from his father by primogeniture. ‘Long Acre’ is thought to be the home plantation of Richard and Rachel.
Maryland Hall of Records; Baltimore County Deeds; Liber IS #L, Fol. 94-95
Richard Owings to Henry Owings Conveyanace
This Indenture made this 15 Day of March in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and thirty Between Richard Owings of Baltemore County in the Province of Maryland Planter of the One part And Henry Owings of The Same County and Province Planter of the other part. Witnesseth that he the said Richard Owings for a Valluable Consideration to him in hand paid by the said Henry Owings The receipt whereof he doth hereby Acknowledge & Discharge The said Henry Owings him his heirs Executors administrators And all other of the samen [=same] by these presents for Now & for Ever Hath Given Granted bargained Sold aliened and enfeoffed And Confirmed Likeas he by these presents Doth Give Grant bargain Sell Alien Enfeoff__ and Confirm unto Him the said Henry Owings his heirs Executors adminisrs And Assigns all that part or parcell of a tract of Land Called Long Acer (sic) lying on the North side of the head of Potapsco River in the County aforesaid Beginning at a Bounded red Oake Standing in the line of Colonel Peirces Land it being the third bounded tree belonging to the said Long Acre and runing South One hundred parches then South South West forty perches to a bounded Hicory Standing by the falls side then South East twenty perches Then East South East One hundred perches then North Twenty Degrees East One hundred twenty and one perches Then with a direct line to the first tree Containing and Laid Out for One hundred and Six Acres more of Less. To have and to hold the said Land together With the houses Orchards fences and all and Singular The Appertenances thereunto belonging unto him the said Henry Owings his heirs Executors and Assigns forever, and The said Richard Owings Doth for himself his heirs Executors and Administrators Covenant promise Grant and Agree To and with the said Henry Owings him his heirs and Assigns that he the said Richard Owings his heirs Executors And Administrators the afore bargained Land and Premisses with all and Singular the Appertenances will Forever Warrant and Defend unto the said Henry Owings To him his heirs Executors and Assigns of and from any _____ Of Person or Persons whatsoever or whomsoever that shall Or May Claime any manner of right title or interest to the samen [=same] or any part or percel thereof from by or under him The said Richard Owings his heirs or assigns. In Witness Whereof the said Parties have Sett their hands and Seals The Day and Year above written.

Signed Sealed and Delivered

In the presents of us.

Richd: Owings


Wm. Hamilton

Ruth R Owings her marke

Katherine Owings

On the back of which foregoing deed is thus written vizt: MEMORANDUM that on the 15: Day of March 1730 Then Came the within named Richard Owings before Us two of his Lordships Justices for the within mentioned County of Baltemore and Acknowledged the within written Indenture to be his Act and Deed and the within bargained Land and Premisses to be the right title and interest of the Within named Henry Owings his heirs and Assigns. Then came also Sarah the wife of the said Richard Owings And being by us privately Examined out of the hearing of Her said Husband she declared that she did freely and Voluantarily without any fear or threats of her said Husband Give up all her right and Claim of Dower To the within mentioned Land and Premisses.

Acknowledged Before us

Wm Hamilton

H. Hammond

Received June the st & recorded July the 28th 1731 _ _____, Clk Balt County afsd

Exact date of Henry’s birth is unknown, but his birth is confirmed by the deed of gift his mother Rachel made to her grandchildren, naming his children , Elijah, Bezaleel, Micah. He is placed as third child and second son by other researchers. I have some concern as to where this would place Catherine his sister on birth dates, and I am inclined to think he was the 4th child with Catherine being born second and before Richard2. It was thought at first he was born in 1692, however his younger brother Robert has been written in Bible owned by David Cope’s wife,( Owings descendant) as being born in 1692. There was not any mention of twins in our family at this time yet.

Also suggesting order of birth would be the fact Henry also was on bond with his eldest brother Richard2 as sureties for their mother as administrator of Richard1 Owings’s estate in 1716.

Richard died intestate, meaning without a will. I have had some questions about Joshua and Samuel Owings being the under aged children of Rachel and Richard 1, perhaps having to go through Orphan’s court, however I have not found any documents to support same, unless these were included in the bond Rachel had to put up at Richard’s death.

Joshua was born 1704 and Samuel in 1702. Rachel had to give accountability to the court at certain time or times as to her duty of Admrx. of her late husbands estate, hence the bond. I have not seen these records myself yet.

1716, Nov 14. “Richard Owing’s Administration Bond by Rachell Owings his Admrx with Richd Owings & Henry Owings her Suretys in One hund. pounds Sterll.” Maryland Hall of Records: Testamentary Proceedings, liber 23, folio 84.

Henry Owings birth proof: Deed of Gift from Rachel Owings of Baltimore County, Maryland, to her Grandchildren, 11 February 1725/6:

Hall of Records

Baltimore County Deeds

Liber IS #4, Fol. 223

Maryland Baltemore County To all Christian People to whome these presents shall Come I Rachel Owings of the County and Province aforesaid Widdow Send Greeting in our Lord God Everlasting know ye that I Rachel Owings for and in Consideration of the Love good will and affection which I bare toward My well beloved Grand Children Micha Owings Elijah Owings and Bazaleel Owings of the Same County and Province have Given and Granted and by these Presents do freely Clearly and Absolutely Give and Grant to the Said Micha Owings and Elijah Owings and Bazaleel Owings their heirs Exrs &c to Micha Owings one black and white Cow Marked with a Crop and Slit in the right Eare And a Crop in the left Eare and One Red Cow Marked with a Crop and Slit in The left Eare and a Poplar leafe in the right Eare and One Mare Colt Branded With MO on the Neare buttock and their Increase, To Elijah Owings one brindle Cow Marked with a Crop and Slit in the right Eare and Crop in the left Eare, And one Red Heffer marked with a Crop and Slit in The left Ear and a Poplar leafe in the right Eare and their Increase, To Bazaleel Owings one Pyde [pied?] Cow marked with a crop and a Slit in the Left Eare and a Poplar leafe in the right Eare and her Increase To Have and to hold the Said Cattle and Mare unto the Said Micha Owings And Elijah Owings and Bazaleel Owings their heirs Exrs &c from henceforth As their Own forever Absolutely without any Manner of Condition as I The Said Rachel Owings have Absolutely and of my Own Accord Set and put in further Testimony In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand And Seal this 11th Day of February in the Year of our Lord God Anno Dom. 1725/6.

Signed Sealed & Delivered In the presence of her Testis -

Rachel RO Owings

Seal Anna Gallaway


Joshua Owings

Nathaniel Stinchcomb

Recorded Aprill the 8th 1726

It is not known the exact date of Henry’s death , but it is thought to be between the date of his will, 20th of June 1763 and 14th July 1763, when he was described in an advertisement in the Maryland Gazette as being deceased.

Will of Henry Owings of Baltimore County, Maryland 20 June 1760 Maryland Hall of Records Liber Box 11, Folio 25

In the name of God Amen I Henry Owings of Baltimore county being Sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will & Testament in manner and form following -

Item; I give and bequeath to my loving wife Hellen Owings all my part of the tract of land called long Acre dureing her natural life and after her death to my Son Bezaleel Owings and if he should die without heirs lawfully begotten to my Son Elijah Owings his heirs and assigns for ever

Item; my land called Gilead I leave to be sold at public Vandue and the money to be lent to my sons Henry Owings and Nathaniel Owings dureing the Space of four years from the Sail of the Said land and then at End of four years the money to be Equally Devided between my Six Children Viz: Elijah Owings Michal Owings Leah Wells Henry Owings Nathaniel Owings and Hellen Owings

Item; I give and bequeath to my Loving wife all my personal Estate dureing her natural life and after her decease my will is that my personal Estate be equally Devided between Elijah Owings Michal Owings Leah Wells Henry Owings Nathaniel Owings & Hellen Owings

Lastly I constitute and oppoint my Loving wife Hellen Owings and my son Bezaleel Owings Executrix and Executor of this my last will and testament 20th June 1760

Signed Sealed and Deliverd in presents of Joshua Owings

(Signed) Henry Owings

John Grundry

Thos (his + mark) Meller

Ann Arundel County SS February the 25th 1764 Came Joshua Owings John Grundry & Thomas Meller the three Subscribing Witnesses to the foregoing Will and made Oath on the holy Evangels of Almighty God that they did see the Testator Henry Owings Sign and Seal the foregoing Will and heard him Publish Pronounce & declare the same to be his last Will and Testament and that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their & each of their Apprehension of sound and disposing Mind and Memory and that they & each of them subscribed their respective Names as Witnesses to the said Will in the Presence of the said Testator and at his request.

Sworn before __________ (Missing or illegible on photostat)

1763, July 14. Advertisement in the Maryland Gazette (Annapolis), by Helen Owings and Bezaleel Owings, offering for sale, “pursuant to the Will of Henry Owings, Deceased,” an uncleared tract of 150 acres, called “Gilead” and lying in Baltimore County. Annapolis: Maryland State Library.

Other records pertaining to Henry Owings: Nov 16,1719. “Paran,” 150 acres in Baltimore County, surveyed for Henry Owings of that county, planter. Maryland Land Office: Patent Record. Also surveyed for Henry Owings in Baltimore County were “Gilead,” 150 acres, 11 September 1723, and “The Plains of Paran,” 200 acres, 4 August 1724. “Gilead,” which remained uncleared, was offered for sale on 14 July 1763.

Oct. 15 1726. Henry Owings of Baltimore County, planter, to Christopher Randall of the same county, for L70.5.3 and 1/2 sterling, mortgage on two tracts in Baltimore County, “Paran,” 150 acres [surveyed 16 Nov 1719], and “The Plains of Paran,” 200 acres [surveyed 4 Aug 1724]. Teste: Benjamin Tasker, Robert Gordon. Release from Christopher Randall 21 Mch 1729/30. MHR, Baltimore County Deeds, 1. IS #H, f. 292-94. Signed Henry Owings.

March 21, 1729/30 Henry Owings of Baltimore County, planter, to William Hammond of the same county, merchant, “Paran,” 150 acres and “The Plains of Paran,” 200 acres. Signed Henry Owings. Wife Helen releases dower right. Teste: John Moale (?), Christopher Randall.

March 21, 1729/30. Deed by Henry Owings of Baltimore County, planter, to William Hammond of the same county, merchant, conveying “Paran” and “The Plains of Paran.” Signed by Richard Owings. His wife “Helling” releases her dower same date. Wits: John Moale, Christopher Randall. MLO: Provincial Court Record, liber BL #6, folio 371.

March 15,1730/1. Richard Owings of Baltimore County, planter, to Henry Owings of the same county, planter, 106 acres of “Long Acre.” Sarah Owings waives her dower. Teste: Ruth Owings, Katherine Owings. MHR, Baltimore County Deeds, 1. IS #L, f. 94.

**Sept 17, 1763. Deed by Bezaleel Owings, executor of the last will and testament, and Elijah Owings, eldest son and heir at law of their father, Henry Owings of Baltimore County, conveying “Gilead,” 150 acres in Baltimore County, to Arthur Chenoweth. Signed by both. Wits: William W Kelley and G Bramwell (auctioneer). MHR: Balto County Land Record, liber B #L, folio 409. Helen Owings, widow of Henry and Hannah Owings wife of Elijah waive dower rights.

Feb 25, 1764. Testamentary bond of “Henry Owins” by “Hellen Owins & Bezaleel Owins Executors with Edward Norwood & Emmanuel Teal Sureties.” One sheet. Testamentary Proceedings, liber 40, folio 192.

Oct 22 , 1764. Inventory of estate of Henry Owings, late of Baltimore County, decd. Taken by Thomas Gist and Benjamin Wells. Presented this date by Helen Owings and Bezaleel Owings the executors. Marked by Thomas TM Miller as a creditor. Signed by Elijah Owings and John Owings as “kinn.” Balto Co. Orig. Invents, box 14, folder 47.

Oct 22, 1764. Account of estate of Henry Owings, late of Baltimore County, decd., presented by Helen Owings and Bezaleel Owings. MHR: Baltimore County Accounts, box 14, folder 1.

Oct 22 1764. Account of estate of Henry Owings late of Baltimore County presented by Mrs. Hellen Owings and Bezaleel Owings. Inventory had shown 228.16.10 1/2 currency. MHR: Accounts, liber 51, folio 391.

1764. List of desperate debts due estate of Henry Owings, late of Baltimore County, deced. No signers. MHR: Inventories, liber 84, folio 219.

Henry married Helen Stinchcomb, in 1718 in Balt. Co. MD. Helen was born in 1696 in Balt. Co. MD and died after the 20th of May 1784 as she was included in her daughter Michal Owings will in MD.

May 20,1784, Will of Michal Owings of AA County, proved 22 Jan 1788. MHR: AA County Original Wills, box O, folder 14. Wits: Edward Gaither, Junr., Benjamin Young, Robt Hudson.

Helen Stinchcomb Owings was the daughter of Nathaniel Stinchcomb and Hannah Randall.



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