Joshua Babb

#3493, (say 1695 - before 30 March 1759)
Father*Phillip Babb
Mother*Lydia Bragdon (bt 1669 - 1675 - )
He was a glazier.1 
Birth*say 1695He was born say 1695.2 
17 May 1723Joshua Babb was given the York, Maine, estate of his grandfather Arthur Bragdon, Jr., by his mother and her husband Samuel Norton on 17 May 1723.3 
13 April 1727Joshua Babb sold real estate to his uncle Capt. Arthur Bragdon III at York, Maine, on 13 April 1727.4 
Death*before 30 March 1759He died before 30 March 1759 at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.1 
Administration*circa 9 November 1759Administration of the Estate of Joshua Babb (representation) circa 9 November 1759 at New Hampshire.5 


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