Francis _____1

#28179, (circa 1793 - )


Peter Rinely b. c 1795
Children 1.Elizabeth Rinely+2 (c 1815 - )
 2.Peter Rinely Jr.+2 (c 1819 - 1881)
 3.Daniel Rinely+2 (c 1822 - 1895)
 4.Henry Rinely+2 (c 1827 - )
 5.John Wilson Rinely+2 (c 1830 - b 1880)
Her married name was Rinely.2 
Birth*circa 1793She was born circa 1793 at VirginiaG.1 
Marriage*circa 1812She married Peter Rinely circa 1812.2 
1856She appeared on the census of 1856 in the household of John Wilson Rinely and Mary Emeline Bouser, female, age 61, b. VA; (neis. Henry (29) and Elizabeth Rinely, fam. 141.)3 
31 July 1860She appeared on the census of 31 July 1860 in the household of John Wilson Rinely and Mary Emeline Bouser, male, age 67, b. VA.4 


  1. [S19] 1860 U.S. Federal Census. (Probable). In house of John Wilson Rinely.
  2. [S520] VWH, Peter Rinely (b. ca. 1819) is named as Peter Jr. in his marriage record of 1843. Peter Jr. and Daniel Rinely (b. ca. 1822) in 1880 census both have father b. PA and mother b. VA. Francis Rinely (b. ca. 1793) is in house of John W Rinely (b. ca. 1830) in 1856 (as female, age 61, b. VA) and in 1860 (as male, age 67, b. VA). From this it is deduced that this Francis is female, b. VA, and the mother of John.
    Both Peter Jr. and Henry Rinely (b. ca. 1827) had daughters named Francis or Frances, a clue that their mother may have been named Francis.
    From this, this genealogy believes it is probable that Peter Rinely Sr. is the father of all four - Peter Jr., Daniel, Henry and John Wilson Rinely. Francis Rinely (b. ca. 1793) is probably his widow and the mother of all four.
    There are two other Rinely entries found in the Pike Co. OH marriage records. Elizabeth married, in 1835, Armstead Wright, so she may have been b. ca. 1815, and may be the sister of the four brothers. Rebecca Rinely married, in 1821, William O'Brien, so she may have been b. ca. 1800, and may the sister (or cousin) of Peter Sr.
  3. [S2379] 1856 Iowa State Census. John (25), b. OH, farmer; Mary Bouser (18), b. OH.
  4. [S19] 1860 U.S. Federal Census. John (29), b. OH, farmer, real estate value $600, personal estate $250; Emeline (25), b. OH.