Reuben Smiley1

#25137, (circa 1812 - )
Father*Samuel Smiley1 (c 1778 - c 1844)
Mother*Dorotha _____1 (c 1785 - )
Birth*circa 1812He was born circa 1812 at MissouriG.1 


  1. [S1815] Missouri Wills and Probate Records, 1766-1988, online, Last Will of Samuel Smiley, 1843, q.v. Names wife Emily; sons Reuben, John, David B, William G and George P (the last three identified as "my three youngest sons"); daus. Catherine Emerson and Synthia Womack [sic], deceased, and Synthia's "infant children" Virginia, Eliza Jane and Mary Jane.