Sarah Ann Littlefield1

#24881, (circa 1813 - 6 December 1885)
Father*Stephen Littlefield1 (s 1783 - )
Mother*Louisa _____1 (s 1783 - )

Family 1

Elisha H Bascom b. c 1812, d. 1861
Children 1.William A Bascom13 (c 1838 - )
 2.Charles Bascom13 (c 1840 - )
 3.Juliett Bascom14 (c 1848 - )
 4.Samuel Howard Bascom15 (1850 - )

Family 2

David Pomeroy b. c 1805
The record of Sarah's marriage to David Pomeroy has this as her third marriage. Her first has not been found. William and Charles, both born in Maine but birth records not found, may be the children of Elisha and Sarah, or poss. of one or the other with a first spouse. If the latter, they became either the adopted or step son.2 
Her married name was Bascom.3 
Her married name was Pomeroy.4 
Birth*circa 1813She was born circa 1813 at Saco, Maine.1 
Marriage*circa 1836She married Elisha H Bascom, son of Elisha Bascom and Abigail _____, circa 1836.3 
14 September 1850She and Elisha H Bascom appeared on the census of 14 September 1850 at 11th Ward, Boston, Suffolk Co., MassachusettsG.5 
1855She and Elisha H Bascom appeared on the census of 1855 at Springfield, Hampden Co., MassachusettsG; (nei. Amos and Mary Morrill, fam. 93.)6 
31 July 1860She and Elisha H Bascom appeared on the census of 31 July 1860 at Northampton, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.7 
13 July 1865She appeared on the census of 13 July 1865 at Westfield, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.8 
Marriage*23 September 1865She married David Pomeroy, son of Gideon Pomeroy and Irena Brown, on 23 September 1865 at Southampton, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.9,4 
4 July 1870She and David Pomeroy appeared on the census of 4 July 1870 at Southampton, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.10 
10 June 1880She and David Pomeroy appeared on the census of 10 June 1880 at Southampton, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.11 
Death*6 December 1885She died on 6 December 1885 at Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.12,3 


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