Julia Savage1

#22373, (circa 1817 - )
Father*Denis Savage1 (c 1779 - )
Mother*Maria Devine1 (c 1780 - 1839)


Thomas Hearn b. s 1812
Her married name was Hearn.1 
Birth*circa 1817She was born circa 1817 at IrelandG.1 
May 1823She accompanied Denis Savage and Maria Devine in May 1823 from Ireland to CanadaG.2 
Marriage*say 1837She married Thomas Hearn say 1837.1 
She and Thomas Hearn lived at Cumberland Co., Nova ScotiaG.1 
Baptism31 May 1840She sponsored the baptism of Gertrude Blanch on 31 May 1840 at St. Bartholomew's Church, Melrose, Botsford Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.3 
Baptism13 June 1841She sponsored the baptism of Mary Stack on 13 June 1841 at Botsford Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.4 


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  2. [S83] 1851 Canada Census (Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia). The census of 1851 records Dennis Savadge (72), widow, b. Ireland, farmer, entered Colony May 1823. This entry year disagrees with reports from the children.
    William in 1851 census has entered Jun 1827 (age ca. 21).
    Margaret in 1851 census (wid.) has Aug 1828 (age ca. 20).
    Mary in 1851 census has Nov 1826 (age ca. 13), same as her husband Parick.
    Catherine in 1851 census has Apr 1827 (age ca. 13), same as her husband Michael.
    Julia is reported in The Story of Melrose to have marr. Thomas Hearn and lived in Nova Scotia (no records fouund).
    Patrick in 1851 census has entered Aug 1831 (age ca. 11).
    Timothy in 1851 census has entered Oct 1831 (age ca. 10).
    It would not be unusual for a family to migrate in separate voyages but the differences here cannot be reconciled. There is a pattern in the 1851 census to repeat the husband's entry date for the wife's. This genealogy will assume that they all migrated together between 1823 and 1831.
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