Elizabeth Lawrence1

#2133, (March 1642 - 29 February 1704)
Relationship7th great-grandmother of William David Lewis
Father*Thomas Lawrence1 (s 1608 - 1655)
Mother*Elizabeth Bates1 (s 1614 - )


William Smead Jr b. c 1635
Children 1.William Smead III16 (1660 - )
 2.Elizabeth Smead17 (1662 - 1682)
 3.Judith Smead+18 (1665 - 1718/19)
 4.Mehitable Smead+19 (1666/67 - 1704)
 5.Samuel Smead+20 (1669 - 1731)
 6.John Smead+21 (1671 - 1720)
 7.Ebenezer Smead+22 (c 1674 - 1753)
 8.Thankful Smead+17 (1677 - 1704)
 9.Waitstill Smead+17 (1679/80 - c 1703/4)
Her married name was Smead.1,2 
Birth*March 1642She was born in March 1642 at MassachusettsG.3 
circa 1656She removed with Elizabeth Bates to Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MassachusettsG, circa 1656.4 
Marriage*31 December 1658She married William Smead Jr, son of William Smead and Judith Stoughton, on 31 December 1658 at Suffolk Co., MassachusettsG.5,6,2 
1660She and William Smead Jr removed to Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1660 where he had a grant of eight acres for a home lot.7 
1674She and William Smead Jr removed in 1674 "Deerfield, where he bought house lot No. 25 of Thomas Fuller, an original proprietor..."8 
28 October 1675"A few days after the fight at Hatfield, on the 28th of October, a number of Indians, probably stragglers from the horde which had invested that town, suddenly appeared in Northampton.... the assailants entered South Street and 'burnt four or five houses and two or three barns that stood some distance from the principal settlement.' Major Treat with his company, was stationed here at that time, and sent a detachment in haste after the marauders, but as usual without effect.... The buildings that were burned belonged to Enos Kingsley, Ralph Hutchinson, Preserved Clapp, and William Smead. They were at that time the most southerly of the settlers on that street. Enos Kingsley lived on the homestead, part of which has since been known as the Starkweather estate; William Smead occupied the adjoining home lot on the south, and Ralph Hutchinson the next one. Preserved Clapp lived on the other side of the street, nearly opposite the house of Ralph Hutchinson. These men lost every thing, houses and contents, and barns with all their crops. They were thus thrown upon the charity of their neighbors and townsmen for shelter and food. The following winter the town was fortified, and applications were at once made by the sufferers for building lots within the palisades."9 
Death*29 February 1704She died on 29 February 1704 at Deerfield, Franklin Co., MassachusettsG, at age 61; Deerfield Indian Raid.10,11 
29 February 1703/4She was killed in the Deerfield Raid on 29 February 1703/4 at Deerfield, Massachusetts; Deerfield French and Indian raid.12,13,14,15 
Burial*3 March 1704She was buried on 3 March 1704 at Old Deerfield Burying Ground, Deerfield, Franklin Co., MassachusettsG; est.date.3 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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