Josephine Mary Ewing1

#19378, (circa November 1847 - 26 July 1848)
Father*Robert Ewing1 (c 1796 - 1868)
Mother*Caroline Maslin1 (c 1808 - 1848)
Birth*circa November 1847She was born circa November 1847 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.2 
Death*26 July 1848She died on 26 July 1848 at Pennsylvania.3,1 
Burial*circa 28 July 1848She was buried circa 28 July 1848 at St. John's Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.1 


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    29 Mar 1838, Mrs. Rebecca Ewing (née Smith), second wife of Robert Ewing.
    29 Jan 1848, Mrs. Caroline M. Ewing (née Maslin), third wife of Robert Ewing.
    26 Jul 1848, Josephine M. Ewing, infant child of Robert Ewing and Caroline Maslin.
    11 Jun 1868, Robert Ewing, aged 72. [see note on his burial]
    11 Feb 1872, Elizabeth Griffith Ewing, aged 49, daughter of Robert Ewing and Sarah Davis, his first wife.
    -- Mar 1875, Mary Miller Gowen, aged 15, daughter of Alfred Gowen and Maria Ewing.
    13 Dec 1892, Thomas S. Ewing, aged 58, son of Robert Ewing and Rebecca Smith.
    01 Aug 1904, John Davis Ewing, aged 34, son of Thomas S. Ewing, a convert Episcopalian minister.
    28 Dec 1907, Julia Grant Ewing, aged 76, daughter of Robert Ewing and Rebecca Smith.
    In this vault also repose the remains of Mrs. Maslin, the mother of the third Mrs. Ewing, and two or three children of Robert Ewing's son, Thomas S., and Sarah Adams.
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  3. [S1582] Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Death Certificates, 1803-1915, online, Folder 4009825, img. 873/2016. Note from Alfred Stille, M.D., 2+9 Jul 1848. "Having attended Josephine Mary, the child of Robt Ewing Esq., previous to its last illness, I believe that it died of tuberculous consumption, aged 8 months."