William Whelan1

#18397, (circa May 1815 - 29 November 1838)
Relationship1st cousin 2 times removed of Estelle Rose Roche
Father*Thomas Whelan1 (c 1788 - )
Mother*Ellen Mason1 (s 1790 - )
Birth*circa May 1815He was born circa May 1815 at Co. Waterford, IrelandG.1 
Baptism12 May 1815He was baptized on 12 May 1815 at St. Mary's Church, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, IrelandG; (other sponsor Patrick Whelan, need to identify which one.)1 
1825He was likely in the household of Thomas Whelan and Ellen Mason at Camphire, Lismore and Mocollop Par., Co. Waterford, IrelandG, in the census of of 1825.2  
Death*29 November 1838He died on 29 November 1838 at New Orleans, Louisiana.3 


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  3. [S1381] William Whelan Papers, correspondence, Library Company of Philadelphia, 1314 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, William Roche, St. Louis, to William Whelan, Philadelphia, 22 Dec 1838.
    But sir I have to stop to relate to you the most important and final end to which we have all to arrive at one day or other, and know not how soon. Our cousin William Whelan has departed this life, in New Orleans on 29th November, after a severe illness of about 20 days of the diara and flux together. We have the consolation of hoping for his spiritual happiness in the other world, as he died in the bosom of his faith, attended by the clergy, and fully sensible of that most awful account which we must render for the deeds done with body in this world. But as might be expected, his mind wandered on the parents and brothers which would extend that soothing hand and console him in his dying moments. But, alas, separated by many a stormy billow and in a foreign clime, he has been called away in the bloom of life by death, whose call we all must obey, and who respects not the young nor old, but who tells us to be always prepared.
    Alas, William Whelan is returned to Mother earth and laid with many of our countrymen far from his parents, in the Valley of the Mississippi at New Orleans. But we have only to pray for his soul - may the Lord have mercy on his soul, amen.