Sarah Wilshire1

#12578, (circa August 1620 - 1648)
Father*Gregory Wilshire2
Mother*Joan Worrall2

Family 2

John Tinker b. c 1613, d. 1662
Her married name was Barnes.3 
Her married name was Tinker each their 2nd.3 
Birth*circa August 1620She was born circa August 1620 at EnglandG.2 
Baptism17 August 1620She was baptized on 17 August 1620 at St. Stephen, London, Coleman Street Parishes, EnglandG.2 
7 March 1633/34In Anthony Merwin's will dated 7 March 1633/34, Sarah Wilshire was named as an heir, "to John Tinker 20s and to Sarah Tinker 20s," presumably his nephew (son of his sister Mary) and his wife.4 
Marriage*say 1641She married William Barnes say 1641; her 1st.3 
19 October 1647William Barnes filed for divorce from Sarah Wilshire on 19 October 1647 at MassachusettsG; "19 (8) 1647."5,6 
Death*1648She died in 1648 at Boston, Massachusetts.7 
6 June 1648She and William Barnes were divorced on 6 June 1648 at Massachusetts.8 
Marriage*before 22 July 1648She married John Tinker, son of Robert Tinker and Mary Merwin, before 22 July 1648 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MassachusettsG.9,10,11 
22 July 1648She was in Court on 22 July 1648.11 


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    In witness whereof the sd constituant &c:.
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