Waitstill Warner1

#12522, (6 November 1701 - circa March 1703/4)
Relationship1st cousin 7 times removed of William David Lewis
Father*Ebenezer Warner1 (1676 - )
Mother*Waitstill Smead1 (1679/80 - c 1703/4)
Birth*6 November 1701She was born on 6 November 1701.1 
29 February 1703/4She was captured in the Deerfield Raid and Massacre on 29 February 1703/4 at Deerfield, Massachusetts. She either died on the route to Canada or remained there, never redeemed; Deerfield French and Indian raid.2,3,4,5 
Death*circa March 1703/4She died circa March 1703/4.6 


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