Henry Burt Jr.1,2

#12363, (circa 1595 - 30 April 1662)
Relationship9th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*Henry Burt3 (s 1568 - c 1617)
Mother*Isett _____4 (s 1572 - 1629/30)


Eulalia Marche b. s 1600, d. 1690
Children 1.Sarah Burt10 (1620/21 - a 1689)
 2.Abigail Burt+2 (c 1623 - 1707)
 3.Dea. Jonathan Burt+10 (c 1624/25 - 1715)
 4.Samuel Burt10 (b 1625 - c 1625)
 5.David Burt+10 (c 1629 - 1690)
 6.Mary1 Burt10 (c 1632 - c 1634)
 7.Mary Burt10 (c 1635 - 1689)
 8.Nathaniel Burt10 (c 1637/38 - 1720)
 9.Elizabeth Burt+10 (c 1638 - )
 10.Hannah Burt10 (1641 - )
 11.Dorcas Burt10 (1643 - )
 12.Patience Burt11 (1645 - )
 13.Mercy Burt10 (1647 - )
Birth*circa 1595He was born circa 1595 at Co. Devon, EnglandG.5 
10 July 1617In Henry Burt's will dated 10 July 1617, Henry Burt Jr. was named as an heir, to receive land, a mansion house and other dwellings.6 
Marriage*28 December 1619He married Eulalia Marche, daughter of Richard Marche and Joane Martyn, on 28 December 1619 at St. George the Martyr Church, Dean Prior, Co. Devon, EnglandG.7,8 
1639/40He and Eulalia Marche migrated about 1639/40 from Devon, England to New EnglandG.9 
Death*30 April 1662He died on 30 April 1662 at Springfield, Massachusetts.2 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    and Edward Adams now dwell in, as also the orchard, nursery, herb gardens, backsides, and other appurtenances belonging. To the said Henry, my son, the mansion house of that land commonly called Crobers Land which Thomas Wood now dwelleth in, together with the sheep pen, orchard, herb garden, and bakehouse, during the term of his life. To my said son Henry £100, to be paid within a year after my death. To Isett, my wife, for life, one chamber over the shop, called the forechamber, with the bedstead and bed performed that I use to lie in. My wife shall have yearly, during her life, £6. 13s. 4d., issuing out of that land or tenement called Crobers Land; and my executor shall find her and one to attend her, during her life, sufficient meat, drink, and firewood for her own use; and, if my said wife do dislike her diet & do leave it, then my will is that she shall have £3. 6s. 3d., in lieu of her diet, out of the lands aforesaid, for her life. To my said wife and son Henry the half of my household stuff, equally to be divided between them; and the other half is to remain to my executor. To Raddegan, my daughter, £60, to be paid within three months after she shall be of the age of twenty-one. To Allies, my daughter, £40, to be paid at the age of twenty. To Agnes, my daughter, £40, at the age of twenty. To Elizabeth, my daughter, £40, at the age of twenty. Whereas I promised my son-in-law, Chrispine Saunder, £40 at his marriage, and because he is not as yet paid, my executor shall pay it. Also I promised him other £20 when my daughter Johan, his wife, for the term of her life or for fifty years determinable upon her life, should ‘be assured of that tenement that Thomasine Saunders now dwelleth in or of some other as good, then my executor shall pay him £20 towards the same. To Joseph Saunders and Samuel Saunders, my grandchildren, £5 each. To my brothers’ and sisters’ children 2s. each. To every of my godchildren 12d. To Nycholas Hyans, my apprentice, 30s., to be paid at the end of his apprentice[ship]. Residue to my son John Burte. Witnesses: Will Huxham and Thos. Colton. Proved 19 September 1617.
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