Jacob Ford Jr.1

#11279, (19 February 1738 - 10 January 1777)
Relationship3rd cousin 6 times removed of William David Lewis
Father*Col. Jacob Ford1 (1704 - 1777)
Mother*Hannah Baldwin1 (1701 - 1777)


Theodosia Johnes b. 1741, d. 1824
Children 1.Timothy Ford3 (c 1763 - )
 2.Judge Gabriel H Ford+3 (c 1764 - 1849)
 3.Elizabeth Ford7 (1767 - )
 4.Jacob Ford III7 (1772 - )
 5.Phoebe Ford7 (1775 - 1777)
The Ford Mansion.2 
Birth*19 February 1738He was born on 19 February 1738.3 
Marriage*27 January 1762He married Theodosia Johnes, daughter of Rev. Timothy Johnes and Elizabeth Sayre, on 27 January 1762 at Morristown, New Jersey.4 
1 July 1776He left a will on 1 July 1776 at New JerseyG.5 
Death*10 January 1777He died on 10 January 1777 at New Jersey at age 38.6 
Probate*12 November 1777His estate was probated on 12 November 1777 at New JerseyG.5 


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  2. [S1074] National Park Service, online \www.nps.org\, Ford Mansion - Washingtons Headquarters:

    This large Georgian style home was built in the early 1770's for Jacob Ford, Jr., and iron manufacturer, and his family. Mr. Ford also served as a colonel in the Morris County Militia during the Revolutionary War. Ford died in January 1777 while 35 soldiers from Delaware were briefly quartered in the house. In December 1779, Mr. Ford's widow, Theodosia, allowed General Washington to use her home as his headquarters during the winter of 1779-1780. While Mrs. Ford and her four children moved into two rooms of the house, General Washington, his wife Martha, five aides-de-camp, eighteen servants, a number of visiting dignitaries and sometimes guards took over the rest of the house.

    After Washington's six month stay, the Ford family continued to live in the house until the 1870's when it was sold at auction. Four prominent New Jersey men bought the house and created the Washington Association of New Jersey in order to preserve the house and display it to the public. This house is one of the earliest house museums in the United States. The Washington Association donated the house an their extensive collections to the National Park Service in 1933.

    Today the house is furnished to reflect how it might have appeared during Washington's stay. The house is shown only be guided tours which begin in the museum building.. Hereinafter cited as National Park Service.
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