Anna Elizabeth Velten1

#1562, (19 February 1722 - )


Hermanus Tremper b. 1718, d. 1786
Children 1.Maria Tremper1 (1748 - )
 2.Teunis Tremper+1 (1750 - )
 3.John Tremper1 (c 1752 - )
 4.Elizabeth Tremper+1 (1754 - )
 5.Jacob Tremper4 (1760 - )
Anna Elizabeth Velten was also known as Anna Elizabeth Felten. 
Birth*19 February 1722She was born on 19 February 1722 at Hackensack, New Jersey.1 
Baptism10 May 1741She sponsored the baptism of Elisabeth Tremper on 10 May 1741 at Reformed Church of Tappan, Tappan, New York.2 
circa 1747 As of circa 1747,her married name was Tremper.1 
Marriage*circa 1747She married Hermanus Tremper, son of Jacob Tremper and Christina Welker, circa 1747.1 
Baptism15 September 1771She sponsored the baptism of Elizabeth Tremper on 15 September 1771 at Irregular Congregation at Tappan, Orange (now Rockland) Co., New YorkG.3 


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